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Process Protocol for Dehydration of Apple Slices

Apple (Malus Domestica) is a nutrition-dense fruit with loaded health benefits. The best method for preserving and processing apples to assure year-round availability is drying. The enzymatic browning nature of apples mandates pre-treatment to maintain colour in dehydrated apples. It is an unique dehydration technique for precise processing of apple to convert into ready to eat apple chips. Natural anti browning agents used in the pre-treatment process and reduced drying time and energy with enhanced produce quality are the some of the features of the technology. The shelf life of the product is 60 days.

Salient Feature
  • No chemicals – natural antibrowning agents used for pretreatment.
  • Low energy and quick drying process.
  • Superior nutritional and textural qualities of the product compared to conventional drying.
  • Value addition of apples.

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