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IP Management Process

If you have an invention, Share with us first- before you submit a manuscript for publication, before you address a meeting, conference, seminar or symposium or display in some exhibition. Prior disclosures may prevent us to protect your invention.
Be sure to inform ZTM & BPD Unit of any imminent or prior disclosures !!!

Invention Disclosure Form

Taking the first step in IP management of research outcome we advise inventors to provide details of their research outcome in the Invention disclosure form. The inventor(s) will submit the hard copy of technical details and duly filled Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) available on the ZTM & BPD Unit's website to the In-charge, ZTM & BPD Unit forwarded by the HoD together with DBRC's approval, for taking up as an agenda item in the ITMC meeting.

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ITMC Meeting

The inventor will present the case in the ITMC meeting and share the technical details with the Committee. If considered, the ITMC will assign the case to ZTM & BPD Unit to perform patentability and marketability assessments of technology prior to filing.

Meeting with ZTM & BPD Unit

The inventor(s) has to fill the meeting form available on the ZTM & BPD Unit's website and submit it to so as to the fix meeting with the IP personnel of the Unit.

Patentability and Marketability Assessments

The IP personnel of ZTM & BPD Unit will perform the patentability and marketability assessments and if found novel and worth of marketing potential, it will inform the inventors and will start the drafting of the patent application together with the help of inventors.

Preparation of Relevant Forms

The inventor(s) together with the IP personnel of ZTM & BPD Unit will prepare the relevant forms like Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, Form 5, Form 18, Form 26 and ICAR's Assignment Document (as per annexure I & II), Form III of NBA etc. prior to IP filing. All forms are available on the ZTM & BPD Unit's website

Patent Filing Forms

Form 1: Application for Grant of Patent.

Form 2: Provisional/Complete Specification.

Format of Drawing Sheet as per rule 9 of Patent Rule,2013.

Form 3: Statement and Undertaking under section 8.

Form 5: Declaration as to Inventorship.

Form 9: Request for Publication.

Form 18: Request/Express request for examination of applicant for patent.

Undertaking and Declaration in regard to Invention made by the inventors.

National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) Form

In case of use of plant specimen(s) in conceptualization/ development of any technology, the inventors have to take NBA permission for approval to use the plant source material in the technology/ patent and filling up Form III of NBA.

National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) Form III

Copyright Form

Copyright Application Form IV .

Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Rights Form

Application for registration of new variety, extant variety and farmer's variety and essentially derived variety (edv) under protection of plant variety and farmers' rights Act, 2001

New, Extant and Edv Variety Application Form.

Farmer's Variety Application Form.

Filing of IP

After all the Forms are ready, the inventor will submit the Patent application in three copies duly signed on Form I and Annexure I and II to IP personnel of ZTM & BPD Unit along with designated along with request for examination in case of Complete Specification filings . The fees are to be paid through DD/Cash only. The unit will submit the same to Indian Patent Office after the due approval and signature of the competent authority.

PCT Filing

If inventor feels that Technology has commercial potential outside India he/she will submit its request for PCT filling to ZTM & BPD Unit to take up the case for ITMC meeting. The Inventor will present the case in ITMC meeting and give details about the commercial potential of the technology in international markets. Once ITMC considers the case, request will be sent to IP & TM division regarding the permission to file PCT as well as for grant to file PCT application. On approval, PCT filling will be initiated with the help of empanelled attorneys. Since this process take time, it is advised to Inventors to process the request within six months of filling the national patent application as we have to file the PCT within one year from priority date.

Sharing of IP filing details to inventor(s)

The IP personnel will update the inventor(s) about the patent/ trademark application no. and relevant receipts received by the Indian Patent Office.

Prosecution of IP till grant

Once FER (First Examination Report) will be received, accordingly IP personnel will update to inventor(s) for follow up action. Likewise, the IP personnel will be associated with the inventor(s) in all compliance of office actions till the grant of IP.

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