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Contract Services

Contract services would mean services rendered to the external organisations/ clients/ customers or assistance of minor nature based on available knowledge, expertise, skills and facilities of the Institute. These would involve service activities such as routine laboratory testing where the results are provided as such without further processing the data and would not require any technical advice.

Scope of Contract Service

i. Testing and analysis of samples of soils, water, fertilizer, food, feed, produce, farm tools, implements etc.

ii. Testing of agro chemicals and microbial formulations.

iii. Quarantine services, referral diagnosis for diseases/ pests, pregnancy in animals.

iv. Identification of biological specimen, natural and cultural techniques.

v. Making customized feed/prophylactic/therapeutic formulations.

vi. Fabricating analytical and field equipment.

vii. Certification / quality testing for seed (including e.g. fish seed); planting materials (including e.g. cell and tissue cultures), semen, other products, etc.

viii. Renting of tools, instruments and equipments.

ix. Testing/ validation of protocols or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

x. Forensic analysis e.g. DNA analysis of animals/ plants/ microbes.

xi. Field demonstration of technologies and products, if for a business/commercial proposition.

xii. Multiplication and supply of germplasm, seed, other products, viz. planting materials, starter cultures, frozen semen, fish speed spawn, artificial insemination services etc.

xiii. Synthesis of organic molecules, viz., pesticides, raw materials and intermediates, etc.

xiv. Making new formulations of pesticides and drugs.

The above listing is illustrative only of sanctioned programmes; and other services, as deemed fit, may be added, in accordance with demand of the external agency/ client and as per the capability/ mandate of the Institute or its centre(s)

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