Bottle gourd

Pusa Santushti


Recommended by AICRP (VC) in 2008 for commercial cultivation in zone IV (Punjab, U.P., Bihar and Jharkhand) & VII (Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra). ts fruits attractive green, smooth with normal pubescence, pear shaped, fruit length 18.50 cm, fruit diameter 12.40 cm.The fruit wt. is 0.8 to 1.0 kg. Maturity (days to first fruit harvest 55-60 days). This selection is suitable for commercial cultivation in spring-summer, kharif and also in autumn-winter seasons in northern plains.

Salient Feature
The fruit sets under low temp. (10-120C) as well as high temp. (35-400C). Average yield is 288.5 q/ha in kharifand 261.0 q/ha in summer season. The fruits of this selection are superior in nutritional qualities (in Vit.C-7.12, phosphorus – 18.15, calcium 19.45 and iron – 1.10 mg/100g edible portion) to PusaSandesh.