Success Stories of ZTM & BPD Unit

ZTM& BPD unit, IARI won  Gold in Flame Award, 2014 under the Fifth (5th) category of “Agriculture/ Dairy Initiative of the Year” for the campaign “Translating Research into Prosperity”  for successful materialization of inventions from lab to land  by outperforming a total of fifty eight (58) contestants across seven (7) main categories  , whereas the Silver went toPS Live Rural and DuPont India for their project “Sweetness of Victory”, and Bronze went to Ayurvet Ltd for their project “Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics”  The award was conferred by the hon’ble rural marketing goliaths of Rural Marketing Association of India (RMAI) on March 20, 2015.





M/s Abu Biotech

M/s Abu Biotech a startup company was incubated by ZTM & BPD unit for Tissue Culture business.The company was operating independently for over a year at the time of incubation process at ZTM & BPD unit. In an effort to scale up their production operations, the company opted to become an incubatee of ZTM & BPD unit. As an incubatee, he got the training in the area of tissue culture. The Unit helped him in establishing the tissue culture facility. Now, he is running his business successfully in the area of tissue culture as well as he has also diversified his business. He organizes training programme in agriculture sector by collaborating with different state government department. His company profile is as follows:

  • Turnover: Rs. 25 lakh/- annually
  • Regd. No.: 286/1988-89, Dated-19-09-1988.

Working Portfolio

  • Agriculture Extension & Training Programme.
  • Supplies Tissue Culture plants of Gerbera, Stevia & plug plants of Capsicum to District Horticulture Office, Ghaziabad (U.P.).
  • Supplies Tissue Culture Banana plants to District Horticulture Mission, Samastipur (Bihar) under process.
  • Organizes training programme for farmers at CISH, Lucknow in collaboration with District Agriculture Office, Samastipur (Bihar Govt.)
  • Established Maulana Mazharul Haque Teachers’ Training College, Mathurapur, Samastipur

Professional Team
The company has technical & non-technical staff: Biotechnologist- 5; Microbiologist – 1; Tissue culture expert – 3, Civil Engineer – 1, Accountant – 1; Marketing Executive – 13

Achievements of the Company

  • Leaders of Tomorrow Award nominated by Economics Times & India Mart in 2010
  • Initiated Literacy Programmes in the target areas
  • Awareness on Rural Development Programmes – 150 youths benefitted

KAD Bio resources pvt ltd

Nurturing Incubatees into successful entrepreneurs is also another dimension of success achieved by ZTM & BPD unit. The most successful example is to hand hold M/s KAD bio resources along the full value chain. 

Mr. Kundan, an agriculture graduate, wished to put his education into practice. Therefore, he ventured into agriculture as his profession and decided to start a business based on agriculture. 

Mr. Kundan appropirately approached ZTM & BPD and expressed interest to commercilize an innovative agri-technolgy for beginning his agri-venture. He was provided with a list of technologies available with IARI, which were ready for commercialization. 

After thorough deliberations with innovators, the entrepreneur decided to license PUSA soyanut Post Harvest Technology (PHT) and became onsite incubatee with ZTM BPD. As an incubatee, Mr. Kundan was trained on every aspect right from technological business aspects, Business plan development, marketing strategy etc. Unit helped him to register his company M/s KAD Bio resources Pvt. Ltd. along with other compliance formalities required to register the company. The entrepreneur was given hands-on training on production of Pusa Soya Nut. This model also used a VERY UNIQUE and Innovative model of decentralised processing through neighbourhood women to reduce initial investment cost. 

In matter of a few months, KAD bio-resource has achieved annual turnover of  Rs.15 lakh. 

This is an excellent example of adoption of a very simple technology to add value to soybean by processing & turning into a phenomenal business model. It has the business model with minimal initial investment. In the three stage escalation of enterprise, first the incubatee started producing health supplement products from processed soybean. He ensured robust quality check-mechanism at each small processing unit of unemployed ladies of the community. Mr Kundan hired a single man to pick up the processed produce from the ladies in the evening. 

In the second stage, with only investment of Rs. 50,000/- as licensing fee to ZTM & BPD Unit, in the second stage attractive and preserving packaging module was executed. then as per marketing strategy the start-up targeted Medical Stores with his product at the rate of  Rs.70/- 200 grm unit.

In the third stage, same technology was licensed to self helps group for long-term and large scale production plan. IARI trained the women of SHG in production quality control of PUSA soynut. Then it agreed by both the parties to utilize each other strategy i.e., SHG will do the production of soyanut and M/s KAD resources will market that on profit sharing basis. It is a successful instance of social empowerment of women coupled with a viable technology transfer business model.


Krishna Pickles

Smt. Krishna Yadav is now a successful food processing entrepreneur based in Nazafgarh, Delhi. A native of Bulandshahar, U.P., she migrated along with her three kids to Delhi in search of livelihood after her husband lost his job in 1996. Motivational interventions and mentoring of scientists of Indian Agricultural Research Institute enabled her to establish her famed food processing enterprise Krishna Pickles which is not only a means of earning her family a livelihood but she is also managing a business of more than a crore turnover annually in a span of few years. ZTMBPD Unit has supported them in building linkages through providing them platform to participate in exhibition, melas, field days, seminars and conferences organized by ICAR which provide visibility to her products and recognition to her efforts as an entrepreneur. This is a unique marketing strategy for brand establishment. The marketing of her produce is done through four outlets/ shops, mobile vans, contract for bulk from BSF canteen, local marketing channels etc. She is able to manage her enterprise effortlessly with effective linkages developed with Government agencies for bulk orders, individual farmers for raw material availability, research institute for innovative technology and local women for seasonal help. Krishna Pickles case highlights that (it is possible to take small steps to create big things) success can be achieved with perseverance and determination. The model of Onsite incubation adopted in this case has been a win-win model for the incubatee the innovator and the ZTM & BPD unit.

Name of the technologies Licensed from IARI
Pusa Fruit Drinks, Pusa soya Nuts.

Social Impact
The Company is almost four years old. Currently the company employs 85 people (All Ladies) including management.

Environmental Impact
The Company uses only high quality food grade material for processing and also uses recyclable inputs to reduce cost and carbon footprint. The company also has its own farms to grow raw material.


Sai Bio-Organics


Brief description of Business
Bio-fertilizers are safe and eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers. They are suspensions having useful microorganisms, which fix atmospheric nitrogen and solubilize insoluble phosphates and make it available for the plants
  • Name of Entrepreneur: Mr. Amandeep Sharma
  • Name of Firm: Sai Bio-Organics
  • Name of Technologies Licensed from IARI: Azotobacter, Rhizobium, PSB, Azospirillium, Blue Green Algae, Trichoderma herzianum, Liquid Bio-fertilizer
  • Year of Licensing: 2010 and 2012
  • Commercial Impact & Annual Turn Over: Over Rs. 5 crore
  • Brand Promotion : Punjab, Haryana, UP, Uttrakhand and Parts of MP
  • Social Impact: The Company is almost four years old. Currently the company employs 30 people (including 5 ladies) including management. The company is also associated with 5000 farmers and is also engaged conducting in farmer awareness program for bio fertilizers.
  • Around 35000 farmers of Punjab got benefitted from the company and got quality inputs.
  • Environmental Impact: The Company produces bio-fertilizers which is good in maintaining soil health and fertility. The company encourages the use of the technology and recycles input materials for production of bio-fertilizers.

beejIndia Producer Company Ltd.

Brief description
A farmer producer company “beejIndia Producers’ Company Limited” has been formed and is being nurtured by Zonal Technology Management & Business Planning and Development (ZTM & BPD) Unit. The impetus behind the formation of a seed producers’ company is to empower farmers and build capacity of farmers by training them in quality seed production, processing, storing and marketing so that they can meet their own seed demand and that of their fellow farmers. It is established with farmer groups based at Hapur and Bulandshahar districts of Uttar Pradesh and Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. The benefits attached to members of the producer company are: entrepreneurial development of farmers in maintenance of quality seed of major crops; linkage to market for professional marketing the produce; cooperative benefits such as revolving funds, shared maintenance costs; development of community based public infrastructure for storage and processing; and the establishment of a data bank and information system for facilitating faster flow of information on the availability of seeds.

  • Board Members :20
  • Directors: 5
  • Services : Provides good quality seeds to farmers at low cost and also improving the income of rural farmers
  • Date of first commercial sale: February, 2014
  • Turnover in April 2014:  Rs. 50 lakh

Farm Flux

Mr. Vitthal Bhosale completed Ph.D in floriculture and landscaping from IARI wished to assist, guide and nurture millions of ignited minds, who not only dare to dream big but and also dare to follow them. He wishes to transform and bring positive change in lives of million of people. He believes that his endeavour speaks volumes of his passion and commitment to his objective/ mission. With this dream, Mr. Vitthal Bhosale, Director, Bhosale labs came to ZTM & BPD unit for incubation. After thorough discussion and screening by CPI, Dr.Neeru Bhooshan, M/s Bhosale lab became incubatee of ZTMBPD Unit in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) in agriculture. Farm Flux is personal farm advisory for farming professionals. A registered user can ask questions, He will get answers to questions, short messages on advice, alert or facts. User can subscribe farm advisory stories on the basis of topics of interests.

Name of incubate
Farm Flux: Personal Farm Advisory for Farming Professional

Farmflux is a personal advisory for farming professionals. One can use farmflux to interact with agriculture expert, subscribe their advice through SMS, email and website or start page for your self organization to bridge expert-farmer interaction. One can find and attend events.


1. Advisory
Create page for farmer groups, companies and organization to give mobile, email and web- based farm advisory.

2. Events
Arrange farm events to link farming expertise to the farming professionals; help to develop linkages, skills and mentorship.

Area (state(s)/district(s)) covered: Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi and Maharashtra.

Volume/quantity of Annual production and approximate sale value:

Farm Flux currently hosts 116 active groups, 109 experts and 35,351 farmer users.