ZTM & BPD Unit, IARI, transfers the technologies developed by Zonal Institutes to the Industry Partners under Licensing Agreement.We also undertake consultancy, contract research and contract service under PPP mode. 

Technology Commercialization

ZTM & BPD Unit has a variety of technologies / products for commercialization.Some technologies may be market ready, however some may require validation and some may require upscaling. We license our technologies to both private and public sectors. These technologies are given away as Non Exclusive Licensing as per the ICAR guidelines. The financials may be in the form of: One Time / One time + Royalty / As per agreed milestone payment.

The procedure is very simple wherein after receiving your request we send you a MoU where you fill the required Client Information Formand the process is initiated.


Contract Research

Contract research comprises all research activities undertaken through specific contractual arrangements agreed upon for the purpose. Contract research may be undertaken for advancement of science or for resource generation. The contracting parties could be public or private say universities for a specific job for short-term and long-term benefits.


Contract research would normally be undertaken with private organisations, provided these fall within the mandated areas of the Institute.

The Contract research will cover following 3 types of projects:


(i) Sponsored Projects: These projects would be wholly funded by the client having specified research objectives, and well defined expected project outputs/ results. Such projects may be multi-client also, with more than one sponsor sharing the project funding and research results.


(ii) Collaborative Projects: Collaborative projects would involve partial/ full funding by the client or may be supplemented by provision of inputs such as expert manpower, production/ fabrication of product in bulk for testing/ trials, infrastructural facilities, etc. Such projects may be for upscaling/ improving of laboratory level knowhow, variety development and evaluation, technology/product/process development etc. Like Sponsored projects, the Collaborative projects will also have well defined project outputs/results.


(iii) Grant-in-aid Projects: These projects would involve grant by way of financial inputs, either in full or in part, assistance in kind, e.g. equipments, training etc. to supplement the institutional efforts in ongoing or new research projects or for creating new capabilities/ facilities. Such projects would normally be undertaken for supporting strategic or exploratory research, or for maintaining large/ nationally important R and D programmes or developing infrastructural facilities. The funds for grants would generally be sought from government departments/ organisations or international organisations. However, well established industrial and business houses may also provide such grant-in-aid.

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Consultancy Services

 Consulting is envisaged as an activity which entails assistance to an external organisation in finding a solution to specific scientific /technical/managerial problems(s) or performing a task for it in return for pecuniary consideration in whatever form.

A consultancy project, however, is to be distinguished from a research project. The competent authority for approving the consultancy shall have the powers to decide whether a particular assignment is a consultancy or contract research.

Any technical work requiring research and development activity to be undertaken in the Institute and which would require substantial use of institutional infrastructure and the time of the staff shall be taken up as contract research rather than consultancy.

Two types of consultancy

1.    Advisory consultancy: wherein the services would involve scientific, technical, engineering or other professional advice provided to a client purely on the basis of available expert knowledge and experience of individual(s) rendered, outside the ICAR and not envisaging use of facilities of the ICAR/Institute (including experimental, informational, computational etc) and also not involving any kind of survey, detailed study or report preparation/submission.

2.    General consultancy: wherein the services shall comprise scientific, technical , engineering or other professional advice / assistance based on the available knowledge / expertise of the institute and envisaging only minimum use of the ICAR/ Institute facilities for essential experimentation needed to meet the objective of the consultancy assignment. General consultancy may, inter-alia cove.

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Contract Services

Contract services would mean services rendered to the external organisations /clients/customersor assistance of minor nature based on available knowledge, expertise, skills and facilities of the Institute. These would involve service activities such as routine laboratory testing where the results are provided as such without further processing the data and would not require any technical advice.

Scope of Contract Service

  • Testing and analysis of samples of soils, water, food, feed, fertilizer, farm tools, implements etc.
  • Testing of agro chemicals and microbial formulations.
  • Quarantine services, referral diagnosis for diseases/ pests.
  • Identification of biologicalspecimen, natural and cultural techniques.
  • Making customized feed/prophylactics/therapeutics formulations.
  • Fabricating analytical and field equipment.
  • Certification / quality testing for seed, planting material and other product etc.
  • Renting of tools, instruments and equipment’s.
  • Field demonstration of technologies and products, if for a business / commercial proposition.
  • Multiplication and supply of germplasm, seed, other products, viz planting materials, starter culture etc.

The above listing is illustrative only. 

Corporate Membership

The Corporate/Institutional membership of ZTM & BPD Unit of IARI creates opportunites for building synergy between the Institute, its scientists and the Industry.

Who can be a member- Any organization dealing with agriculture or related areas be it a private/public/non-governmental/professional body can become a member of the unit.        

Membership Details

Category Organization Type Fee Per annum
    I. Companies with turnover of Rs. 50 crores     10,000/-
   II. Companies with turnover of less than Rs. 50 crores      5,000/-
   III. NGOs/ Farmers Organizations/ Cooperatives      1,500/-

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