Entrepreneurs are the primary beneficiary of ZTM & BPD, IARI. We aim to leverage the best of our resources together to offer a tailored service to entrepreneurs. Starting from first interaction through successful establishment in the targeted market segment. We help realize the true potential of an entrepreneurs idea, by supporting it with market driven approach starting from conceptualization, validation,pilot testing, soft launch and commercial operation. Extended support is also given through up scaling and revenue planning & management. We also engage farmers, farmer producer companies, SHGs, women & youth organization , to start their entrepreneurial journey in agriculture and allied fields.The strength of the unit stems from the established and market delivering Research & Development of ICAR. It is clubbed with new visionary Agribusiness incubation approach, with strong hand-holding of new or established entrepreneurs. If you think you have idea which can have a beneficial impact on the farmers or farming community or your business can help increase the revenue of farmers or farmer producer companies, we would like to hear from you !!!




Physical Incubation

  • Self-Contained Office Space / Cubicle

The physical Incubates are provided with well-furnished office space of 150 Sq. Ft at ZTM & BPD Unit. The office is serviced with Air conditioned environment and Hi-speed LAN / Internet connectivity.

  • State of the art Laboratories

The ZTM & BPD Unit has 5 State of the art laboratories

(a) Plant Tissue Culture Lab

(b) Bio-tech Lab

(c) Microbiology Lab

(d) Food Science & Post Harvest technology Lab

(e) Transgenic greenhouse Lab.

These are available on hire basis for our incubates to undertake their Lab analysis, manufacture in lab scale etc before commercialising the same in the market.

  • Conference Room

State of the art conference room with 25 people capacity and latest presentation technologies like Multimedia Projector & video conferencing facility is available on hiring basis for our incubates.

  •  Training Room

Fully Air conditioned, 45 people capacity training room with Modern AV aids like smart board, Multimedia projector and student exam chairs is available on hiring basis for trainings, capacity development and meetings.

  • Presentation Room

Fully Air Conditioned Room with a seating capacity of 10-12 people with LCDtelevision for presentation is available free of cost for our incubates.

  •  Pantry

The ZTM & BPD unit has a separate well provided with Pantry room with staff to take care of F&B requirements.


 Virtual Incubation

Virtual Incubates are entitled for all the facilities mentioned above for Physical Incubation except Self-Contained Office Space / Cubicle

Consultancy & Advisory Services

  • Pre-Start-up consultation& Business Initiation
  • Technical support (Access to new technology information, inspection and assessment of technology on one to one basis/ product and services development)
  • IP Support (chalking out the IP strategy, identification of proper IP tool relevant to particular venture and its technologies, support in trademark, patent and other relvant IP application preparation and their filing)
  • Business Support (aimed at providing business planning/ accounting/ branding & marketing support and financial linkage support).
  • Administrative support (incorporation of company, accounting and related legal compliance, business law contract and labour law and income tax.


Other Services

Apart from the services stated above we intend to extend certain other support and services like:

(1) Pool of mentors, technical, legal, financial, marketing and related matters experts with or without consideration.

(2) Organizing events to provide networking and showcasing platform to the startup companies for their technologies.

(3) Meeting with investors, Alumina and industry professionals.

(4) Facilitation of financial linkages.

 Areas of Incubation:

  • Mass propagation of seeds, hybrids, planting material
  • Biofertilizers / Biopesticides/ Vermicomposting
  • Biotechnological tools and techniques including methods of mass multiplication/ isolation of novel genes.
  • Food processing and post Harvest Technology
  • Precision farming
  • Development of supply chain
  • ICT related application in agriculture
  • Retail chain
  • Agricultural implements


Incubation Guidelines & Forms

Application for the incubation of ZTM & BPD unit will be evaluated by the competent authority and the most eligible applicant will be recommended for Incubation Support.

 Click here to download the Guidelines of Incubation Description: http://localhost/sites/default/files/pdfIcon.png

Click here to download the Incubation Form  Description: http://localhost/sites/default/files/word2.png