We at ZTM & BPD unit value innovation and honour the innovator by safeguarding their innovations by doing proper IP protection.We undertake Prior Art Search, Patent Filing, and  other form of IP protection for Innovative technologies. For doing IP management of research outcome we advice inventors to provide details of their research outcome in the Invention disclosure form.  

Invention Disclosure Form

An Invention disclosure Is a document submitted by the Inventor to determine whether patenting should be applied for the invention under consideration.

In case the disclosure is deemed worth pursuing the patent process is initiated.

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Technology Transfer Document

“Technology Transfer Document (TTD)” means the document containing the information details of Licensed Technologies, optimum production guidelines; identifying all materials used; the specifications for each material and product, and the required quality control procedures, precautions etc. and is annexed at TTD. A sample TTD is seen below.

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Intellectual Property

ZTM & BPD grants licenses to organizations that wish to commercialize inventions of IARI and North Zone I. Other intellectual property such as patents or copyrights developed by IARI Scientist can also be licensed to interested parties. 

As 'Licensor', ZTM & BPD  grants permission to the 'Licensee' to use the licensed property. A potential licensee will be asked to submit a plan for developing and marketing the technology. All business plans are kept confidential.

Patent Forms:-

  • Required documents for filing Patent.Click to download 
  • Form 1: Application for Grant of Patent. Click  to download      
  • Form 2: Provisional/Complete Specification. Click to download       
  • Format of Drawing Sheet as per rule 9 of Patent Rule,2013.Click to download    
  • Form 3: Statement and Undertaking under section 8. Click  to download    
  • Form 5: Declaration as to Inventorship. Click  to download    
  • Form 9: Request for Publication. Click  to download    
  • Form 18: Request/Express request for examination of applicant for patent. Click  to download     
  • Undertaking and Declaration in regard to Invention made by the inventors.Click to download    


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National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) 

  • Form. Click  to download 


Copyright Form:-

  • Copyright Application form IV. Click to download      
  • Checklist for Copyright application. Click  to download 


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Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Rights Authority (PPV&FRA), India:- 

  • Application for registration of new variety, extant variety and farmer’s variety under protection of plant variety and farmers’ rights Act, 2001. Click to download    
  • Form-PV-1-Authorization form. Click  to download     
  • Form-PV-2-Proof of Right to make application. Click  to download     


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