Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) has made significant contributions in the development of improved cultivars and their relevant production, protection and processing technologies in fourteen mandated crops, covering cereals, coarse millets, pulses, oilseeds, fodder, fibre  and horticultural crops. These crop varieties have been widely adopted in their recommended areas / agro-climatic zones.


Plants are indeterminate with profuse branching and pendant fruit bearing habit. Fruits are non-pungent and dark green but turn to bright crimson red at maturity. Fruits are tapering to slightly curved with pointed tips.

Performance Results:

  • 30-35 t/ha (fresh)
  • 5.5-7.5 t/ha (dry)


  • Rs. 1200/Kg of seeds

Economic benefits:

  • Dry fruits are suitable for powder and oleoraisin extraction
  • Has very high colour units