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Pusa Biopellet 10G

Pusa Biopellet 10G

The novel soil application bio-formulation “Pusa Bio-pellet 10G” has been developed from the potential isolate of Trichoderma harzianum (IARI P-4; MTCC No. 5371) for the management of soil and seed borne diseases of crop plants. The formulation showed longer shelf (viability) life as 1.5 years of storage at room temperature 25+80C

Salient Feature

The formulation has longer storage life and effective against wide range of plant diseases caused by different plant pathogenic fungi. The strain of T. harzianum used for the development of the formulation has ability to suppress different plant pathogenic fungi and also has ability to enhance plant growth as growth promoter and grain yield. Eco-friendly option for disease management in plants

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