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Pusa Alpana

Salient Characteristics:

It is a Floribunda type variety of rose.

The plants are medium and vigorous growth.

The Flowers are compact, light pinkish in colour (N-65A (RHS colour Chart) and have high fragrance.

It is a recurrent flowering and floriferous variety.

The major volatile compound responsible for fragrance is Phenyl ethyl Alcohol.

This variety is directly propagated by semi hard wood cuttings.

The variety is ideal for loose flower production and the fragrant flowers can be used for garland preparation


CharacteristicsMean data
Bud diameter (cm)1.44
Bud length (cm)2.11
Number of flowers/plants50.11
Flower diameterat fully open stage (cm)6.77
Number of petals/ flowers39.43
Weight of single flower at fully open stage (g)6.60
Weight of flowers /plant (g)301.00
Weight of flowers/ m2 (kg)1.20
Weight of flowers/(q/ha)72.21
shelf life (days)2.00

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