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Pusa Centenary

Pusa Centenary is an induced mutant of cv. Thai Chen Queen.

It is a vigorous growing variety (55-60 cm tall) that produces luxuriant growth.

The yellow coloured flowers are 12-15 cm in diameter.

It takes 100-110 days to bloom  and the blooms remain fresh for 20-24 days. The blooms are mildly fragrant and are suitable for cut flower production.

Highly suitable for commercial cut flower production

CharacteristicsMeta Data
Plant ht. (cm)59.60
Pl. spread (cm)40.60
No. of branches5.20
No. of leaves/branch79.30
Leaf  length (cm)6.80
Leaf  width (cm)5.80
Length of petiole (cm)1.40
No. of  flowers65.30
Flower bud dia. (cm)2.50
Flower dia. (cm)9.80
Pedicle length (cm)11.20
Ray floret length (cm)4.50
Ray floret width (cm)1.60
Flower colourMain colour- Light greenish yellow (3D)

Pusa Guldasta

It is an open pollinated seedling of cv. Lalpari. 

Plant attains a height of 58 cm with a good spread of 50 cm.

Plant bears semi double medium sized flowers (3.8 cm) with orange red ray florets and yellow disc.

The inflorescence is corymb and flowers are borne at almost same height. The flowers stay for longer duration (48 days) under field conditions.

The plant is of upright growth habit, very sturdy and branches do not droop  down.

No pinching and staking.

CharactersMean  data
Plant ht. (cm)57.56
Pl. spread (cm)50.27
No. of branches7.86
No. of leaves/branch21.53
Leaf length (cm)8.20
Leaf width (cm)5.36
Length of petiole (cm)3.62
Days from transplanting  to flowering111.77
No. of flowers244.08
Flower bud dia. (cm)0.98
Flower dia. (cm)3.82
Pedicle length (cm)8.29
Flowering shoot length (cm)18.91
Duration of flowering (days)48.44
Ray floret length (cm)1.92
Ray floret width (cm)0.66

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