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Technology Commercialization Process

ZTM & BPD Unit showcases IP protected technologies and know–how basket of around 250 agricultural technologies of different domains developed by ICAR-IARI for commercial use. Among the technology array available with us, some technologies are market ready and some others are at validation, demonstration or scaling-up stages.
We license our technologies to both private and public sectors. These technologies are transferred primarily on the basis of non-exclusive licensing agreements.

Marketing Campaign

The unit launches the marketing campaign about the technologies by direct contact/ social media/ circulating the flyers, brochures etc. among the prospective industries. Our corporate members will be given information on priority basis.

Industry Interest

Any industry if interested in seeking license of any technology of the IARI/ICAR may contact our unit and express its interest.

Meeting of Industry partner with Inventor and ZTM Personnel

After receiving the interest of the industry in licensing the technology of IARI/ICAR, the ZTM & BPD Unit will connect the applicant with the inventors and will provide help with due diligence.

Letter of Interest (LoI) from Industry

After due discussion, the Industry will be required to submit its Letter of Interest to the ZTM & BPD Unit.

Client Information Form

The Industry partner would be required to submit the Client Information Form which states the details of the owner of the company, company's registration and incorporation details, its address and manufacturing unit etc. The Client Information Form is provided here for ready reference of the industry.

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Agreement Execution

After the receipt of the client information form we would complete all the formalities necessary for the execution of the agreement and get it executed and hence a relationship will be built with them.

Transfer of Technology Transfer Document & Know-how to Industry

After execution of the agreement, Inventor(s) will share the Know-How/Technology Transfer Document (TTD) with industry partner. The Inventors would also provide training in their lab and know-how of the technology to the Industry partner to enable them to understand the technology so that they can do manufacturing/production of the technology based products and launch it in the market.

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8. Completion of Technology Transfer Certificate

After transferring the Technology Transfer Document and exexcuting the training to Industry partner by the Inventor. Inventor and industry partner will submit the duly signed by both the parties Technology Transfer Completion Certificate (TTCC) to ZTM & BPD Unit.

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