Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) has made significant contributions in the development of improved cultivars and their relevant production, protection and processing technologies in fourteen mandated crops, covering cereals, coarse millets, pulses, oilseeds, fodder, fibre  and horticultural crops. These crop varieties have been widely adopted in their recommended areas / agro-climatic zones.

PB 1509

First early maturing Basmati rice variety with seed to seed maturity of only 115-120 days. It has moderate resistance to leaf blast and brown spot diseases. It possesses extra long slender grains (8.19 mm) with very occasional grain chalkiness, very good kernel length after cooking (18.2 mm), desirable ASV (7.0), intermediate amylose content (21.24%) and strong aroma. The advantages of PB 1509 over other rice varieties are its semi-dwarf stature, non-lodging and non-shattering habit, reduced duration, yield on par and s.


  • Early maturity (115-120 days)
  • Allows delayed planting
  • Water economy
  • Economizes the cost of agri-inputs
  • Higher cropping intensity
  • Non-lodging and non-shattering habit
  • Reduced pollution due to less straw
  • Released by the SVRC of Delhi and Punjab and identified for release in western UP and Delhi

PUSA 1612

Pusa 6 (Pusa 1612) is a high yielding extra-long slender grain aromatic rice variety with inbuilt resistance to blast disease. It is an improved version of Pusa Sugandh 5 with two (2) blast resistant genes namely Pi54 and Piz5 which was developed through molecular breeding. Pusa 1612 is moderately resistant to leaf and neck blast for which Pusa Sugandh 5 is highly susceptible. Pusa 1612 produces an average yield of 5.07 t/ ha and matures in 120-125 days. This variety have been released by the Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops, Government of India vide notification number S.O 2817(E) dated 19th September 2013 for commercial cultivation in the  Basmati growing regions of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir.